Here we go again with the hypocrisy!!

Sisterhood of the Lipstick Bigoted Bitches member Michelle Malkin & Klannity ( Proud member of the Angry White Men Brigade) on Feb 17th show were bitching (oops) I mean venting about the mean ole liberal media attacking conservative people and the womenfolk.  Yet as I have posted before not once but twice on neocons it’s A-Ok to attack Michelle Obama and other strong high profile women who don’t think conservative.  Yet they talk about how they would be crucified if they did just that (I wonder if Klannity’s family values consist of teaching his son and daughter on the merits of lying is how daddy pays for your private school and your sports lessons).    I just truly love this segment and how Lipstick Bigoted Bitch Malkin and Klannity play the “people like us and Fox news” are the poor victims being attacked with our news coverage that isn’t like the others (yet too stupid to realize that eeks you truly are Mainstream Conservative Media and not really no damn news outsiders)  and attacked for what we say that doesn’t praise Obama.  Yet they kneel and kiss the feet of all things of their Annointed One, her majesty Queen Sarah and passionately defend her ignorant, 4 colleges going ass of her redneck palm pilot when she could just have easily gone to a store to get some Post-Its or notecards (but I know that’s too much logic thinking for her Laughing My Ass Off ).  At the same time laughing like petty childish, immature assholes on Obama’s Navy corpseman (but was to actually say coreman) and dissing  his use of the teleprompter.  BFD he made a word mistake- does that mean you have to laugh at such pettiness.  Obama still has more smarts than their downhome, folksy elitist Queen Sarah!!  I can always without a doubt rely on the comedy of Fixed news when they love to showcase stuff they lie and are soo hypocritical about!!

I actually like this picture posted because it sums up my advice for these two mofos I can’t stand AND HOW I WISH THAT PEOPLE LIKE THEM WOULD DO JUST THAT .  People like them are the ringleaders in my opinion in instigating politicians who think like them of NOT FINDING COMMON GROUND TO HELP THE AMERICAN PEOPLE (who are suffering).   There is big money in division and being polarizing.   This picture also dates back to a timeframe that these two (and sad to say people who think like them in their distorted ass universe) in all honesty wish for people and our country to go back to.  This picture to me represents what those Tea Baggers want when they screamed out last year and this year that favorite phrase  “I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK“.  You know when blacks weren’t soo uppity & in high ranking positions in the segregation days,  women were attractive, didn’t ruffle feathers and didn’t have much of brain to think on their own (and it was ok to do so) and children knew their place in the world!!  Oooh those golden early years of the 20th century!!  Rolling Eyes   I am soooooooooo glad I missed them THANK GOD!!!

People get yourself informed and learn what the enemy is doing and get hip to their games!!!


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