Last post for 2009

2009 has been one hell of a year. This first 10 yrs of the 21 century has been amazing. I am just a blessed young women to have come so far since I graduated college in 1999. I have survived being fired and have gone thru 4 jobs to now finally work in my IT field doing software testing.   Inspite of my obstacles at times with my current job I do enjoy it nonetheless.   I am blessed to have my parents & sister still around but I have also had my share of loss of aunts, uncles and cousins throughout this first portion of the 21st century.

Who would have thought in my lifetime I would see myself gaining  independence to live on my own even with it’s shares of ups and downs?? I never thought I would experience the joy of having the first black president (catching hell from all sides-Laughing My Ass Off). Or be around to see the loss of a beloved childhood musical idol and actually look back on my reflections of that day a part of that childhood of the 80’s that died. It’s just been such an amazing journey for me from 2000-2009.   This year itself has been crazy from a news perspective.  From the election of Obama to Miracle on The Hudson to Octomom to Tea Baggers/Birthers revolting to Kanye tripping on Taylor Swift to Healthcare to the RETHUGICIANS CONSERVATIVES being no on any damn thing to Baltimore Mayor indictment to Chris/Rihanna drama to Tiger drama to Balloon Boy to Blizzard of 2009 to to the horrible killing of that child in Chicago to outrage on anything and everything Obama adminstration says and does to nutzos making a killing for Fixed news ratings wise to Joe “YOU LIE” Wilson’s asshole self, to the summer of celebrity deaths in a succession (besides Jackson’s) and numerous other major deaths JUST UNBELIEVABLE!!  Since 2008 election I have become more of a news junkie and actaully learning to give a care about the things that go on nationally and locally that do have an impact in my life.  Never would I have thought I would be doing commentaries on news segments that either I was soo amazed with or I was just soo annoyed and repulsed by.  But I guess I am getting older and wiser in my years and that’s good!!

It has been a bit financially rough on me.  But I am glad to say I made it thru and I am yet alive to see another year pass.  I am almost celebrating my one year of blogging on WordPress come Feb 14th!!  I am excited about that and I may do a part to personal commentary on that as well.  Looking forward to all that 2010 holds for myself in this crazy thing we called life! 


Happy New Year  one and all and be blessed!!!


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