Keith Olbermann’s “Special Comment” on Healthcare

Please follow the other 4 parts of this special comment posted by J6a6so6n

Nothing short but keeping it real and be truthful of what Americans in touch with reality are dealing with re: Healthcare.  Including the man speaking on the healthcare drama as he is dealing with it on his aging parents, previously with his mother (who passed away this past spring) and currently with his father (which he explains were the reasons for his recent absences)!!!

I took the effort to email Countdown this letter:

I watched the “Special Comment” show and I was very impressed with issues he addressed in the Healthcare drama and how he made it personal based on his experiences dealing with aging parents. It is sadly too bad that the assholes who are against it (the politicians and Keith’s colleagues that are on the opposing side) will distort and mock his commentary and not take it to heart.  Take it to heart TO THINK of others outside of their world and get their heads out of their asses TO GIVE A DAMN ABOUT PEOPLE NOT OF YOUR ILK who aren’t financially blessed as they are with access to quality healthcare and not a problem to drop money on any healthcare issues (affecting themselves or their families) courtesy of their top shelf healthcare provided by their employers (just look @ Rush and all of his weight he done loss)!!!   Keep being the greatest bad ass on primetime giving the news with truth and compassion and being the other half of the kick ass dynamic duo that includes the PHENOMENAL WOMAN Rachel Maddow (who represents for the smart, quirky, bad ass sisterhood  LMAO)!!


Thank YouKEITH!!!!



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