Very interesting take about US policy & Israel

James Traficant is a former congressman who was in prison for 7 yrs after being expelled from Congress for filing false tax returns, taking bribes, racketeering.  He was released in early September.  He is a nut per reading his Wiki bio link and has done some crazy things and has some crazy ass waaaaaaaaay out there supporters (David Duke??- What The F***?).  Not sure I agree with him on how Israel controls both powers of Congress.  Yet he was strange enough to actually make some very insightful commentary that I can’t help but agree with on the US ties with the Middle East and he keeps it real on his feelings of Israel’s possible control of US foreign policy.  He advises on it’s best on being objective on dealings with Israel and how they have a great power over America.  Sadly he tries to give this insight to Mr. Sensitivity to the Holocaust, yet denier of racism Klannity.  Check it out!!!


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