Random Thought on Kanye Diss to Taylor Swift

It was DEAD ASS WRONG!!  Yet as I listened to some black talk radio and read FaceBook comments (from Warren Ballentine’s page) of black people defending his behavior it had me very much feeling like  What The F***?.  Cause these same negros defending this behavior of his are the same ones still outraged & find dead wrong the outburst theatrics of Congressman Joe Wilson’s diss to President Obama.  Comments I saw on Facebook basically in a nutshell were like “hell (white folks) diss the President who cares about Kanye dissing one of their own”?  Now how in the hell does that make any kind of damn sense WHATSOEVER???  BLACK PEOPLE PLEASE WAKE UP & REALIZE WRONG IS WRONG RE: DISRESPECT!!! Wrong is wrong is wrong is wrong re:disrespecting someone and taking away their respective moment!!!!  Furthermore if it was one of them getting dissed by Kanye they would have been cussing his black ass all up and down something fierce!!

I am not a fan of hers musically but I got to give major respect to Beyonce for showing class, grace and protecting her name by bringing Taylor on stage when she was awarded her VMA for Video of the Year to allow Taylor to finish up her acceptance speech!!  NOW THAT’S BEING A TRUE COOL DIVA!!!!  Too bad some of the black people defending West’s behavior in my opinion didn’t show such class and grace in their defense of wrong behavior!!

Now with his appearance on Jay Leno the truth which I always knew all along comes out of his not being able to truly grieve the passing of his mother and amazingly stating he will take some time off to regroup.


3 thoughts on “Random Thought on Kanye Diss to Taylor Swift

  1. Please tell me why what Kanye did at the VMA’s a racial thing? People have opinions about it. What color the people are that have these opinions really doesn’t mean anything. Truthfully, I don’t think Taylor Swift deserved that award. She said it herself, she sings country music. Now that having been said, I am not condoning nor endorsing what Kanye did. She should have been given the same respect given to anybody else who had won an award, and certainly the same respect Kanye would have wanted to be shown. But let’s just keep it where it is, entertainment. Not, an indicator of the racial or social climate in this country.

    1. Sorry for my late response to your comments. Regardless of whether Taylor deserved the award is a moot point. Kanye was dead wrong with his behavior and taking that moment away from her. Hopefully he will get help and put his “Big Ego” in check and perhaps obtain some counseling for his assorted personal and mental issues that have gotten bigger since his mother’s passing. In our society (not sure what your race is) anytime someone of color does something to someone who is white (especially a black man to a white woman) it has some racial offensive undertones to some white folks. As a matter of fact I was watching Hannity a few nights ago & during his panel segment John Rich (from the country group “Big and Rich”) when that topic came up talked about inviting some “good ole boys” onto the stage to show Kanye a thing or two. He also brought up the fact of Kanye doing this same thing several years ago to Gretchen Wilson at the American Music Awards when she won Best New Artist. Now to me hearing this dude say that I took that comment as having racial undertones on his dislike of the mistreatment of a fellow country (yt) female artists.

      Whether one likes it or not elements of entertainment have indicators that influence the racial and social climate in our country. Perfect example: inspite of his assorted issues and whatnot later down the road Michael Jackson (RIP) during his hey day in the 80’s was a black man who was able to have his music bring people from diverse backgrounds, colors, faiths, non faiths and lifestyles together musically. White folks in the 80’s who perhaps weren’t into “black music” and traditionally were rock or country folks were into MJ!!! Unfortunately not in my lifetime or yours will you ever see someone able to do that with such ease.

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