Random Thoughts on Sept 11

May God bless those who have been seriously impacted by the tragic events of Sept 11th and look over them as they deal with this rough day.  I will spend time working and in thought on the day and after watching local news turning the tv off (as I normally do on this day) as there will be nothing but a sad overdose of this news coverage all day.

What I do find hypocritical though is the ideal of people coming together (inspite of having a fear of another attack) collectively as AMERICANS to remember Sept 11.  Yet still there are people that allow & continue in divisiveness and characters who make money off of it and capitalize off of it and anything they don’t like that is foreign to them to keep it that way!!

I do have HUGE problems with the hypocrisy aspect of today on those same folks who have overall racist agenda and have disgust and disrespect for President Obama talking with such passion the tragic events of Sept 11th and people needing to come together and remember.  Oh and I forgot of the hype of the second set of  tea parties on 9-12 to be used to keep the fear factor aspect of another terrorist attack on a black president’s watch to have the strong possibilty of happening.  These same SOBs proudly say stuff like that with a “see we told you so” smug arrogance that in my eyes seriously deserves to be taken care of in my evil thoughts way (but I digress for now on that).


7 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Sept 11

  1. Let me ask you something. How is being against another government run program when ALL other government programs are failures racist? Let’s see….Social Security…broke. Medicare….broke. Public Schools…test scores can’t compete with anyone by the time our kids graduate, and they still want more money. VA…broke, Post Office….broke. There is not ONE thing the government has actually fixed. It is because of the government intervention that we have NO competition in the insurance market and the costs are outrageous. There is a theme here that has NOTHING to do with race. When you are BROKE, you don’t spend more money. This isn’t about politics. This is about stopping the run away freight train that’s been happening on both Republican and Liberal watches…government waste. If you want to bash the tea party people for speaking up, at least have the smarts to look up what we are talking about instead of bashing and labeling. It makes you as intolerant and stupid as you claim all of us to be. People are growing tired of the same tired race card being played.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. It is amazing to me how racism seems to be downplayed by the likes of individuals such as yourself. When it is straight in your face the HUGE reason as to why there is no union and help to work together coming from the “loyal opposition” and closeted conservative democrats (who really are rethugicians on the downlow). I have actually been on tea party websites for the past one in April and again a lot of that was in your face BS racism in coded language (just like what Fox news does). So please oh please SPARE ME THAT CROCK OF BS OK because I am really really truly truly tied of hearing that load you are dropping on “growing tired of the same tired race card being played”? Because frankly huntc1129 I AM TIRED of it BEING THE DAMN REASON as to the influx of pissed off mostly yt folks (still bitter over Nov 4th) being outraged on everything and anything that has to do with trying to make life just a little better for people who need it (including other yt folks that don’t act crazy pissed off). I find it hilarious of you bitching about public schools and the concern of “test scores can’t compete with anyone by the time kids graduate”. And yet ONCE AGAIN RACE HAD EVERY DAMN THING TO DO WITH MOSTLY IGNORANT, Fox News watching, conservative talk radio listening, tea party attending YT FOLKS not allowing their kids to hear a BLACK PRESIDENT giving a NON PARTISIAN SPEECH talking about EDUCATION, ITS IMPORTANCE and the need to obtain it regardless of their obstacles!!!! Perhaps if some of those stupid ass parents didn’t take their kids out of school to hear the president speak their kids would have had encouragement to do better in the new school year and improve their test scores in their public school. Oh and we must also add the special encouragement of the parents alongside the president’s education speech being the added icing on the cake to instill drive and determination for the kids to excel inspite of the struggles the school districts themselves have to deal with financially. SO once AGAIN PLEASE OH PLEASE SHUT UP ABOUT YOUR WHINING OF THE RACE CARD BEING PLAYED BEING TIRED TO YOU!!!!

      Don’t ASSume I am for gov’t taking care of everyone because I am not. The gov’t can’t take care of you and I believe you are a damn fool if you think that way. Our gov’t damn sure ain’t perfect and there is A LOT WRONG with it. Hell I don’t like the fact of my tax dollars going to gov’t contractors in Afghanistan holding wild homo-erotic parties instead of doing the tasks they are suppose to do over there. IF YOU AREN’T PO’D about that gov’t waste along with other gov’t wasteful spending too numerous to mention I don’t know what to say. But for me I want to see a unified effort of all people coming together on what they object to that is wrong with what are gov’t does. I don’t see that and what I do see a unified effort of is mostly yt people who didn’t vote for Obama RAISING PURE HELL because the country isn’t in the hands of a white man. I am sorry but you can come at me with all this it’s not the race card BS all you want but it all boils down to that. In actuality what really is going on is an issue of classism, the haves and the have nots seperation. If people like yourself don’t get the fact that we will never ever not in my lifetime nor yours get past the racism and deal with the TRUE issue of classism I don’t know what to tell you!! Oh those Tea Party fools are also bashing and labeling as clearly evident by various Obama signs showing socialism, Nazi, Obama as Hitler and other racist language (again race card is played). Sadly as I watched the Tea Party events in April on Fox news I CLEARLY SAW the attendees also showcase stupidity and intolerance. It doesn’t help matter sadly when celebs on that network like Beck and Hannity and other assorted conservative Muppet show characters actually make $$$ keeping people divided by class but MOSTLY by race. You make valid points on gov’t waste but I feel overall we will have to agree to disagree on the race card issue!

  2. As I have often found with liberals, since you are short on arguments, race baiting is all you have left. Forget that a country with a white majority just elected a black president. Liberals need racism because it really is the only talking point you have left. You need everyone to be in hate filled groups, and yet you claim you are the ones that are tolerant. Let’s not forget that there was a congressional hearing by liberals when George HW Bush gave a speech to school children, but I guess it was ok then, but it’s racism now? You libs are hilarious!! This white house was passing out lesson plans….as if the teachers needed direction on how to teach from Obama…THIS is what got parents up in arms. A speech is fine, but lesson plans reek of chairman Mao or Stalin. And you fail to make a point with your argument about education. It’s all about race to you. Here are some facts: By the time our public school kids graduate, we aren’t even in the top 100 countries in the world in test scores. That includes white kids too…and chinese, portugese, japanese…look at these!! That’s the wonderful public education system ran by the government. Private schools and home schools simply dominate the test scores in this country….while we keep throwing more money at the government failure. Never once have a heard anyone like Beck or Hannity mention race…but liberals continue to bring it up by claiming “coded” racism. The liberals continue to prove they are intolerant and unhinged. Again, I am disappointed in trying to discuss facts with a liberal, and seeing a liberal doing nothing but bringing up boogie man conspiracy theories and claims of racism that simply aren’t true. While there is racism in this country, the liberals have turned it into a franchise and they actually NEED it to stay afloat….since ideas and common sense are lacking. You claim that the government is just trying to make life better for those who need it…..so I challenge you to find something that the government runs that is BETTER than something in the private sector that isn’t BROKE. Go ahead…I’ll wait. Heck, even the post office is broke while Fed Ex and UPS are making profits! Spare me the whining about what color you are. Nobody cares. I’m trying to have a rational discussion with you, yet you are so busy hating whitey that you are blind to real facts.

    Also, your haves and have not arguments again shows your victim mentality. Some of us actually made something of ourselves and didn’t wait for the government to mandate it. If you work hard and stop the whining, you can become one of the haves without government intervention.

    1. We can agree to disagree because we will never see eye to eye on it and keep it moving. I am through speaking to you because I am allergic to ignorant whites like yourself. BYE BYE and Happy 9-12 Tea Party Day to you asshole!!!

      1. What’s really funny is how you ASSume I’m white. And I’m the one that’s ignorant? Keep up the anger, blame and the self pity, I’m sure it’s working wonders. See ya!

  3. One more point…..why was it ok to show Bush superimposed with hitler attire, and call him “bush-hitler”….and it was ok for congress to boo him when he mentioned the failure of Social Security…but it’s racism now? Isn’t Obama half white? Why do liberals only claim the black half? If you look at Obama’s policies and not see in colors, you will see why they are claiming he’s a socialist. His policies are all about socialism and redistribution and big government. I don’t care what color he is. I really don’t. He could be a green guy implementing failed policies and I’d be crazy. On a side note, I was anti-bush too because he did what goes against what a true conservative believes…he grew the goverment and spent too much. Seriously, if you break the tea party movement down to racism, then you are clearly missing what is going on.

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