Guess what you can bid on Ebay now?? LMAO

UPDATE- AFTER 7 BIDDERS AND 61 BIDS THE FINAL BID WENT UP TO $63,500.  The only specifics on the buyer is they typically sell nonfiction books, collectibles, back issues of magazines things of that nature.  Well I guess we will wait to see the person come forward and some of the media frenzy to begin once that dinner has been set up!! 

The bid for a dinner with Queen Sarah is now up to $37,700.00.  It originally started at $25,000.   The auction ends on Sept 18th and it does go to a good charity but there are some stipulations with the bid.  Some of which includes agreeing to background check, agreeing with the queen on the place of choice, her bringing 3 people, her having the right to leave if you are rude and mean (DAMN- Laughing My Ass Off) and you picking up the tab for the dinner.  I will keep you informed on the updates on the auction


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