Michael Vick on 60 Minutes

I could tell he has been very well SCHOOLED by his legal team alongside fatherly chats with Tony Dungy!!  The Lord Giveth and the Lord can Taketh it away!!!  So I do hope he is  true to his perfect legally chorographed wording.  He is very geunine in my eyes at his wrong doing (which apparently before that dog fighting mess he was getting away with and thought his shit didn’t stink).  Too bad The Ravens don’t play Philly Eagles!!

HIS BLACK ASS BETTA LIVE AND BE LIKE A DAMN MONK!!!  ALONGSIDE THAT HE BETTER WATCH THE COMPANY HE KEEPS BOTH ON AND OFF THE FIELD, MALE AND FEMALE!!!!!!!  No more hanging with his boys from his childhood and “Keepin It Real” on the stupid tip!!



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