Justin Barrett and his instigating commentary

Wow to add insult to injury this asshole makes an email commentary made Post The Gates drama!!  Then he shows up on Larry King on 7/30.   F*** You   AHOLE U NEED TO LOSE YOUR JOB AND YOUR NATIONAL GUARD POST TOO!!!!  Mr. Barrett you can write a passionate email defending your side to a newspaper without going into racist language.  Did he ever consider doing that so he could earn some respect for defending his profession and doing so in a classy manner???  NO FOOL U DIDN’T THINK THAT WAY AND YOU SPOKE FROM YOUR MIND AND HOW  YOU FELT IN YOUR BIGOTTED WAYS!!!!  Your apology is sorry and so are you!!!

A few minutes later Al Sharpton and middle aged, glorified crystal method looking, fellow lipstick bigotted bitch Coultergeist, (who were already on the show talking about “Beer Summit” and the Gates drama) gave their response to what they heard from Barrett.  Thank God not all white people are like Coultergeist (when it comes to addressing racism)!!!!


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