Michael Joseph Jackson 1958-2009





I know my blog is amongst countless ones already done on “The King of Pop”.  But I am just one of those fans who is a child of the 80’s who feels sad about the abrupt loss of a beloved childhood favorite, inspite of his issues and circumstances he had in his short 50 years that left me baffled and frustrated as a fan on why he would do this or get himself involved in that.  A part of the pop culture fun of the 80’s I enjoyed as a child also died that Thurs evening!!  Alongside Whitney Houston he was the other person for 2009 I was praying would get his shit together and make one last kick ass comeback that would be ON FIRE!!!  I was still in disbelief and baffled with conflicting info between CNN and what CNN was reporting per LA Times.  Even as I later checked and confirmed fact and sadly saw for myself his body transported by helicopter and then into a van to the LA coroner’s office and later saw Jermaine speak with grief and shock to the press as the family spokesperson on the confirmation of his passing that is what I guess made it final for me (even with being stuck in disbelief)!!

Recently last year I  discovered two songs I had never heard of.  One is a different version of the song he did in The Wiz and the other is a completely different song which I am thinking why in the hell was this not ever released as a song because it is bad as shit!!!  These are two memorable songs right here I am fond of and quite recently have played too death on CD!!

He may have felt he Couldn’t Win with how the press, media and life treated him with his circumstances and issues but now he has moved onward and forward Sunset Driving in eternal peace he couldn’t find on earth!!!


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