Conservative Family Values LMAO part 2

The mystery of SC governor Mark Sanford has now been solved.  Apparently he has not been as an upstanding a man in the moral and fidelity department as he was putting on airs fronting like a mofo on Klannity last Weds talking all pissy on reluctantly having to be ok with the state legislation over riding his ass taking the stimulus money that is badly needed for the state!!

The governor of SC who didn’t let anyone know where he was going (and mind U there was a bit of a state emergency a few days ago of forrest fires) was actually in Argentina with his mistress

Sanford’s Lieutenant govenor was on Rachel Maddow Tues night and he was treading lightly and being overly careful of what he was saying too (so he wouldn’t get tripped up) since he was on a liberal network!!   Laughing My Ass Off 

I am almost hoping he used that stimulus money he was against having in the first place for his travels and his spicy hot mistress!!!  TRIPLE LMAO!!!!

If that is the case then I am glad to be going to Myrtle Beach in Aug to help stimulate SC economy!!!  LMAO


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