Random Thought- A followup to conservatives & sexism post

  God Bless America!!   A group of yt conservative folks who never gave a Sugar Free Donut (read between the lines for the real words I wanna say that ain’t sugar free donut-Laughing My Ass Off) about sexism NOW GET sexism, especially when Queen Sarah is involved.  The Letterman joke was in poor taste and not funny but DAMN why is this an issue to go on for over a damn week is insane!! For the likes of a Klannity to devote damn near 4 shows to this issue yet only mention in less than a minute about the tragic shooting at the Holocaust Museum ONLY ONE TIME speaks volumes on priorities and what is important. I mean who cares, he gets to spend Father’s Day with his son and daughter but not AT ALL be empathetic to care about or give worthy airtime to address a shoot that sadly impacts a young boy not able to spend it with his father.  Yet Queen Sarah’s diss by Letterman is more of a priority to cover??!!  HOW SAD!!!!

How nice for Letterman to apologize to Queen Sarah for his jokes and yet we don’t get one from her on her “pal-ing around with terrorists” comments?? Don’t you just love our double standards in America?????

Yet these same conservatives don’t even bat a damn eye on dissing the first lady or when one of their own does that shit!!!!!  One sided sexism at it’s finest because being bigotted is still the golden rule with them!!!

AGAIN GOD BLESS AMERICA and the double standards we have on what is important!!!


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