Conservatives showcasing hypocrisy when talking about sexism!!

Conservatives (particularly the womenfolk) are all in outrage now on their women being attacked and now talking with passion about sexism.  Playboy magazine takes a dig at some of the desirable  conservative women they would like to sleep with.  Princess Carrie Prejean gets attacked and fired by the mean liberal pageant folks who she feels fired her because of her standing up to her beliefs.   Queen Sarah gets a sexist and wrongful joke made by Lettermen which they all up in arms about yet they fake amnesia on her “pal-ing around with terrorists” comments that instigate extreme nuts like ones from that Holocaust museum shooting (which I haven’t forgotten at all).  Yet Klannity (who is repulsed by the conservative women being attacked) can make sexist & offensive digs on Michelle Obama and that’s acceptable??  The network this fool is on has a message board on Fox Nation making fun of on the racist tip Michelle Obama that’s ok???  I laughed on Jun 10th, 11th and 12th Klannity show (yet no talk in those three days on his show on the Holocaust museum- I wanna pray he talked about it on his radio show at least even if the person shot was a black man that died at the hands of a white supremacist)  that had him whining and lamenting on how neocons are now consumed with sexist treatment when it affects them, saying how liberals are showcasing intolerance to their viewpoints that are different.    It is incredible hypocrisy at it’s finest when it is about protecting status quo FOR REAL!!! Laughing My Ass Off 

I also recently found some hypocritical commentary noted by Newshound on current and prior instances of dissing of Michelle Obama & a dig from Coultergeist talking about it being fair game to crack a joke on the Obama girls!!!

 I couldn’t find the panel segment from Klannity’s show on Jun 11th.  It was hilarious with this conservative chick clucking soo loudly over this!!  If any Lipstick Bigotted Bitch needed a smack across her face it would definitely be her (unfortunately her name escapes me)!!  I wish someone on the left or down the middle would just call them on their one sided sexism argument!!!

I am all for the sisterhood, passionate about women’s issues even though I am not a feminist.    You know what I hate to be politically incorrect but I honestly have no problem calling these idiotic conservative women a bitch that are ride or die Team Palin supporters (particularly as they spew out ignorant and bigotted comments that I have seen online or read about or watched on tv in the past year)!!!   Here is a small clip about it from one of Klannity’s shows this past week.  BITCHES PLEASE SPARE ME YOUR BLAME OBAMA BULLSHIT!!

 If you are against sexist mistreatment you have to also not participate in it!!!  These idiotic conservative women also participate in it as well when not speaking out when those of their own political side disrespect women on the other political side and fan the flames when they make digs at a Janeane Garofalo or Michelle Obama.   SO THEY NEED TO SERIOUSLY SHUT THE HELL UP ON THEIR DOUBLE  STANDARDS TALK !!!


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