The Obamas Date Night in NYC

Seems as though date night in NYC got mega mega flack.  This was my lovely little comment I made on AO-HELL which has no kind of moderators at all to weed out bigotted comments:

Hey sexually repressed conservative racists venting about date night and everything else since Nov 4th. GO TO HELL and go F yourselves to death!!  Why not spend time with your spouse or significant other or person you are cheating with instead of worrying and spasing out on what The President and first lady do on theres and how much it is costing you as a tax payer.  It also cost us as taxpayers the countless times George the dumb ass 43rd spent a bulk of his time as president on VACATION in Crawford, Texas!!!!  Our current president has gone non stop and has had mini downtime in Camp David!!  REMEMBER THAT MOFOS!!!!


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