Redneck Beck responds to The View lies-LMAO

It appears poor lil Glenn Beck got his lil feelings hurt being called a liar and a “lying sack of dog mess” and went on his radio show to vent about his experience post The View.  He wants a “Damn Apology” from Barbara Walters.   Never in my lifetime have I ever seen a nut like this guy make some mountain out of a molehill for apparently an issue such as if train seats were or were not reserved per whatever he, his assistant and his wife were told by Amtrak people.  This man is ridiculous!!!

The wackest and punk ass thing this fool did though was   “supposedly be too sick” to be on his own damn tv show and call in to once again address his experience on The View.  Perhaps it is the Nyquil that has caused him to act crazy (along with his assistant and his wife)!!!!Falling Off Chair Laughing


One thought on “Redneck Beck responds to The View lies-LMAO

  1. Get more of the facts about Beck at The Glenn Beck Review, It covers his deceit and his hypocrisy and shows how unqualified he is to address any complicated issue.

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