American Idol winner is about politics ok?


I am not the least bit shocked at all that Kris won and neither should you be once I break it on down in my POV.  Child it is about the POLTICS OK???  After all the last I checked Fox Broadcasting is still owned by Rupert Murdoch. While the votes were very legit on Kris winning it all the way keep in mind where this young man comes from which is Bible Belt Arkansas. I wouldn’t be surprise if there was some uber campaign in his state to make sure to text and flood the phones voting for Kris so we can have a true looking blue blooded American Idol, not some young man who doesn’t look like our kind and may be one of those homosexuals (I’m just keeping it real on how some of them probably think).  I kinda of thought Idol would be ready for change but apparently not per the teeny bopper voters and much to the relief of the conservative network heads and the state of Arkansas. I mean it would have been awkward to see Adam (as flashy and over the top as he is performance wise and in his appearance) conducting interviews with the square, narrowminded, ignorant conservatives @ Fox news!!!

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THE THEATRICS OF ADAM!!  That’s what makes him IMHO enjoyable and talented to watch.  Kris is a boring, atypical teeny bopper cute white southern boy.  Adam is who you want to see perform Kris is just an afterthought and like oh ok.  I never really was into him that much at all!!  But alas it is about the politics!!


2 thoughts on “American Idol winner is about politics ok?

    1. Well I gave my view on how I see it. Don’t be too surprised though. It’s ok though in my view I think Adam will be all right girl!!

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