Prejean maintains her beliefs and her title!


She is back and standing proud and strong against the Perez Hilton Gay Mafia and their hateration of all things she said on traditional marriage.   Again I admire and respect her standing her ground on her beliefs.   It is easy to have a visually attractive woman to help enforce those beliefs.  From the aspect I am like hey “don’t hate the playette, hate the game”.  She was on Klannity May 12 to talk about the press conference and her being able to keep her Miss California Title.

Now just after she spoke Klannity goes on the hypocritical tip during his “Great Great Great American Panel” segment praising Miss California for standing on her beliefs yet trashes Wanda Sykes on her dinner jokes on wishing for his pal Rush’s kidney’s to fail.  THANKS DUMBASS for the Hypocritical Moment of the Night!!  Just as much as California Barbie has the right to say what her beliefs are of traditional marriage being about a  man and a woman (that you agree with) Wanda has every right to say what she thinks and feeling about Boss Limbaugh (in which he disagrees with yet I agree with).  The other kicker was when this SOB defended & making excuses of his pal Boss Limbaugh making fun of Michael J Fox.  Especially when there is actual video clearly show this SOB doing just that and stating some BS of he is over exaggerating his Parkinsons Disease.   Klannity is disgustingly hypocritical and showcases the same level of bigoted intolerance like his billionaire blowhard pal.

 Thank GOD for KO (just an hour before) and his newly minted WTF segment!

I do agree with his stance on her self righteous and holier than thou arrogance she showcases with standing on her beliefs she has.  I do believe that you can stand your ground on your beliefs and not come off rude or that you are better than someone else about it. 



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