Random Thought- funniest thing to see in the AM

The funniest thing I saw Monday morning was in the parking lot of my apartment building.   In broad ass daylight,  these two wild black cats mating on the parking lot and homeboy just getting his rocks off (literally) and poor girlfriend looked soo perplexed and not the least be happy or comfortable!!  I walked to my car and was like  What The F***? seeing this and laughing at the same time  Laughing My Ass Off !!!!  They didn’t even scatter when I was walking because normally footsteps and people presence has them scatter.  But when I got in my car and honked my horn they scattered like confetti!!  Laughing My Ass Off  I mean I expect it in twilight or evening hours and whatnot but not at no 8 in the morning of cats gone wild!!  But that was a funniest thing to see to start my day!! 


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