Backlash from the WH Correspondent Dinner

 Oh My God  the backlash over shit Wanda Sykes said at the Dinner has begun. Damn Robert Gibbs had to do a damn press conference over it.  Of course Fox news celebs had their own commentary on it, particularly Glenn Beck (in his pirate cumberband) give his take on it. 

Then Dizzy Lizzie gives her take on how offended she was with Sykes comments and whatnot.  From the bottom of my heart this is what I feel from her view:

Dizzy Lizzie should just shut up and go to hell.  I ain’t forgot about your shitty diss from last year’s RNC (the MAJOR REASON why she is on my PERMANENT TV PERSONALITY SHIT LIST) you lipstick bigotted bitch and if you feel that bad about the Rush diss why not take Rush to hell with you!!  ALL I JUST WANT is for her to permanently leave The View in Aug!!!!!!!  Is that too much to ask for??


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