Random Thought-Going to The Prom is a sin?

I stumbled across this article right here.  This kid is being told by his Christian school that if he goes to his prom (which they believe will entail rock music, dancing, hand holding, etc) he will be suspended and not be able to do the graduation walk.

I fail to understand how going to a Prom and enjoying being a young teen having fun prior to going off into college, military or a trade and being faced into the adult world is sooo wrong!!  I didn’t realize that schools like this still existed.  This school sounds straight out of damn “Footloose”.  If this young man has spent his last 17 -18 yrs under the guidance and wisdom of his mom and stepdad (and hasn’t showcase any wrongdoing all this time) I don’t get why his school is all up in this young man’s biz of how he conducts his life outside the school?

Young people who are brought up right and in a Christian home will not go to hell for one night of having fun, listening to rock (or sensored hip hop) music.  God bless those young kids for attending such a school like that and not going stir crazy because of normal acts that happens in life and to people or things people do that are considered a sin.  Schools like this and administrators at the heads of these places are the MAIN reason why the conservative culture of the old traditional ways is going to hell in a handbasket.  Christian conservatives need to be careful with how their kids grow up.


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