Hypocritical Marion Barry on morals

THANK U Daily Show for calling out Marion “I’m a politician who is moral” Barry on his BS hypocrisy!!! Some of us still remember 1990 mofo!!!  It’s like that Chris Rock comment on Barry- “smoke crack, get your job back”.

Barry’s stupid aging ass gets this bent out of shape on gay marriages from other states being recognized by DC.  DC is a city in which there are more serious issues to focus on than gay marriage.  These are just a few of the items I would find more of concern to me if I was in DC and was a Ward resident of this fool.

  • Crime 
  • Issues that are of major concern to your Ward residents (which may go back to the first bullet point in a lot of cases)
  • Having young people involved in constructive activities sponsored by the city government (if money is available of course) that keeps young people from shooting each other as another school year ends and summer draws near
  • What actions are being done to combat the highest STD & HIV rates that impact The Nations Capital  

Hell take your pick of these assorted heavy weight DC issues that should be of concern to this former mayor now councilman as he is shown in the clip on some morals BS.

I mean as it relates to his personal matters he could focus more energies on doesn’t his ass have payments to the tax man to catch up on and try to pay down onTO ME messing around with the tax man sounds like a BIGGER issues to focus on more than gay marriages from other states being recognized by The District of Columbia!  But that’s just me!!

Furthermore Councilman Barry may just want to STFU on gay couples married in states that have legal gay marriages and those marriages being recognized in DC when they become residents in The Nation’s Capital- SINCE THEY WILL BE PAYING DC TAXES WHICH IN TURNS BRINGS BADLY NEEDED MONEY INTO THE CITY TO FUND FOR SERVICES!!! HELLO!!!  CAN SOMEONE TELL MR. DUMBASS THAT????  OR WILL HE TURN DOWN BADLY NEEDED MONEY FROM GAY COUPLES BECAUSE HE IS AGAINST MONEY FROM GAYS?????

I love this that I stumbled up looking for that famous quote of Barry’s during that crack drama!!


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