Drew Peterson “The Killer” getting what he deserves!!

It is amazing that almost 3 months ago my very first blog pertained to this fool.  Now the latest on him is his arrest in the indictment of murdering of his 3rd wife!!! His bond is for $20 million and unless his house is up to that value there is nooooooooo way in hell he is getting out WHICH IS ALLLLLL GOOD in my eyes!!! Christina Raines betta be thanking God RIGHT ABOUT NOW– it’s soo true of the saying God takes care of fools and babies!!!  She better not come out with some defending his sorry ass of “he wouldn’t harm a fly shit” ala the Craigslist killer fiance!!

Poor lil Today Show!! I guess there will be no more guest appearances of his sorry, arrogant ass as a ratings boost no more!!  HOPEFULLY THE FAMILIES OF THESE LADIES WILL FINALLY SEE JUSTICE PREVAIL!!!!


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