Housewives of NYC Season 2 Part 1

I have to say I TRULY LOVE season 2.  This has got to be the most entertaining, shallowest, zaniest bunch of women I have ever watched on reality tv.  Chock full of petty, catty, bitchassness!!  The fact that the Real Housewives brand showcases both black and white women with new money acting a monkey ass fool is wonderful equal opportunity GUILTY PLEASURE!!!

I have finally caught up on the last episode I have missed from NYC in which Bethenny wanted to have a meeting of the minds with Kelly as it relates to them not liking each other but at least getting along for the sake of working together on Jill’s charity benefit.    The last time these ladies met up to chat with each other was at a bar were Kelly came late and in the midst of the e chatfest Kelly came out the mouth with this “this is you, this is me” mentality.  I totally agree with Bethenny on that scenario being a Kel-amity!!   From the most recent episode that aired on the last Tues in April, Kelly completely shut that shit down with her wacky ass behavior which left me very  What The Hell? .  Bethenny came away from that chat with ok I guess it is a   done deal of us not getting along.  Check out this clip for yourself.

I AM TEAM BETHENNY ALL THE WAY!!  Kelly is a SUPREME BITCH and no wonder she gets along so well with Ms. DeCountess Luann.  Luann whose hubby dumped her old ass for a young hot chocolate drop that is from real deal Ethopia royalty (NOT MARRIED INTO ROYALTY) via email!!Laughing My Ass Off  And got the nerve to have some damn book out about manners yet she comes off as such the hypocrite of not following some of her own stuff she dishes out on it!!

More to say on the other women later!!


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