Bea Arthur’s passing & Golden Girls

goldengirls  I just found out on Black Voices of Bea Arthur’s passing at 86 from cancer.  I wasn’t aware of her being seriously ill as much as I was on Estelle Getty’s illness and dementia when she passed away last year.  I NEVER GET TIRED of watching Golden Girls (even with owning seasons 1 and 2 on DVD).  I find when I don’t wanna watch CNN/MSNBC in the exercise room I am looking for the Womens Entertainment (or WE) channel to turn to watch some Golden Girls.

I have grown up with this show since it regularly aired on NBC on Saturday nights at 9pm back in 1985(almost a quarter of a century ago)!!  It was on reruns it seemed forever on Lifetime (but not any longer) until it came into being aired on WE TV and most recently Hallmark Channel.  This show is hilarious and one of the best women centered shows I have been a die hard fan of.  Even my parents know I am Golden Girls junkie.  I enjoy the life and vitality of the wonderful ladies on the show and they don’t make growing old soo bad.   Each one of these ladies have quirky personality traits that make them all blend well together for some odd reason.  Hell the formula was such a successful, beloved smash  hit in it’s first year at NBC that CBS wanted to cash in and in 1986 they called their version “Designing Women”.

Unfortunately in this youth obessive, The Hills & Gossip Girls, Reality TV rules era a show like this wouldn’t have much chance of surviving now because it deals with older women and their life experiences as they age. Or if it did come on there would have to be hot and sexy young women in the foreground and the older ladies be sideline, wise cracking maternal characters playing in the background. Yet the universal appeal of friendship, love and humor among women without the immaturity, petty silliness and cattiness (they just happened to be over 25) is what makes this show stand as a classic and ranks as a favorite rerun.

As a matter of fact the last TV appearance by Arthur was on The TV Land   Awards in ’08 in which the show got a Pop Culture award.

God Bless the dead and I am sure Estelle is happy to have some company!!!Angel 3


One thought on “Bea Arthur’s passing & Golden Girls

  1. Thank goodness for Bea Arthur and the Golden Girls, if not for shows like that and the People’s Court, etc. my summer’s as a junior higher would have been even more dismally dull

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