Random Thought-Jaime Foxx Diss on Miley Cyrus

My what a great country we live in!! A bigotted butch bitch conservative can call The Obamas “trash”, Klannity on a nightly basis and Fox news in general hates ON EVERYTHING pertaining to The Obamas nightly and is ok with extreme right wingers showcasing their conservative pride (even if it means going violent).  The Tea Parties are promoted and heavily attended by ignoranted ass yts sponsored by Fox news and conservative high rolling benefactors.

Yet a black man on a non commericial radio show on Sirrus radio is being told how dare you say that about that innocent (yeah right) darling Disney American Sweetheart of good family values yt girl who behaves like a spoil brat.   Jamie wasn’t even the one to call her a “white bitch” it was someone else on his show that did!!  That show is literally “The Black Howard Stern” and that’s how they talk on there if you listen on the regular or occasionally!!

Yet Americans who make her and Disney rich are too stupid to realize there ain’t that much innocent about a 16 yr old girl with a 20 yr old guy (who is tapping that Disney ass)!! Gee she is such a great role model for young lil girls with her dating a near adult dude as a minor!!  But alas no one talks about that!!!

Oops I forgot to mention about those slanty eye pics of her from way back when that not anyone outside of the Asian community was in a DAMN uproar about!!!  That’s just some youthful indiscretion shit and she gets a pass for that because she apologizes!!!



  And I don’t think Jamie’s black ass should have gone on some damn Leno and apologized.  He needed to just own up to his shit and keep it moving!!!

Racism & Racial hypocrisy is soo glorious to behold in AmeriKKKa 2009!!!  GOTTA LOVE IT!!!!Rolling Eyes


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