Modern day Tea Party concept not original

Come to find out per watching Rachel Maddow’s show that Ron Paul’s supporters actually were ones who came up with this creative ideal in 2007. Now Ron Paul’s Libertarian supporters are feeling shafted and dissed by the mainstream GOP people who are not only using their ideal but are also having participants such as Newt Gingrich at these events (I believe the one in Atlanta). They feel that mainstream GOPers like Gingrich and Fox celebrity assholes like Klannity are the ones who are part of the problem of all this over spending that occurred earlier and now, not the solution.

Political Consultant Steven Gordon was an Alabama representative for Paul’s presidential campaign. I really like this guy, especially when he keeps it real about one of the speakers at a DC Tea Party event!! THAT SHIT HAD ME HOWLING!!! Laughing My Ass Off 


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