Klannity’s hatred still shining thru

It’s good to know just how petty an asshole Mr. Bigot in a business suit Sean Klannity is.  He’s the same way on radio as he is on tv!!   How petty to nitpick on what Michelle Obama wears while traveling with her hubby during his G20 and NATO gatherings (this past week)  and play that played out and tired older commentary on how she is now proud of her country. 

Can someone let me know when they want to put out a hit on this so called Irish Catholic Christian bigot in a business suit!!!
I am seriously ready for these playa hatin neocons to be offed in some GANGSTA STYLE 007 WAY FOR REAL.   Or in the least make some threats to let them know we ain’t fcking around with your racist & ridiculous theatrics and pettiness THAT NEEDS TO BE GONE!!

Perhaps a gift of a headless horse in the bed is one example of a threat to be made to let them know to knock that shit off if they don’t want the same demise!! Can you imagine if Klannity was to find one of his precious big dogs in that same manner how girlie he would react??? Rolling On Floor Laughing 

I already have my list of necon individuals, male and female and a few of neocons of color as well!! HE IS AMONG THE TOPS OF THAT LIST ALONG WITH HIS DEAR OLD DAD BOSS LIMBAUGH!!

This is what I previously wrote as a random thought on what we can collectively do with the rethugicians gang that I also stand by and is another alternative on how to handle their sorry Tea Party having asses.  

Klannity is such a silly, petty ass playa hater to the hills and says all his foolishness and ignorance with his snarky car salesman smile and evil villianous laugh!!

I am sick of this hypocritcal bigotted MFer who prefers his negros to be ones who are good and loyal to their masters like tired ass house n$%#%#& like Jesse Lee Peterson (Klannity along with fellow right wing radio talker Dennis Prager serve as advisory board members on this mofo’s BOND organization) who say stupid shit like black voters for Obama are racist and whites voter for Obama voted for him to get rid of their white guilt re: racism!!

Yeah that right there is an example of a good and acceptable negro for Klannity. The ones who know of their place as idiotic conservative negros and make their masters ooh so proud!!!

Ooh can someone also kindly remind Klannity of that $150,000 RNC tab for the GMILF, her family and that joke of a baby daddy that hasn’t been resolved by the way???? Where is the fair and balanced Seanie???

But as far as his petty, playa hater comments this is all I gotta say to his ass:


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