Bill-O Stalking too extreme!!

Reading this on HuffPost on the treatment of Amanda Terkel was repulsive to me!  So because she gave an opinion on the hypocrisy of O’reilly speaking at a recent rape foundation event when just nearly 3 yrs ago on his radio show he spoke on a rape victim being dress provocatively and drunk later being murdered and comparing that with when Mel Gibson had his drunken tirade is acceptable??? Having Jesse the asshole hounddog ambush this woman from DC to Virginia where she was enjoying downtime with friends to get an answer or apology from her is ok?  Just because she didn’t agree with something that self righteous, hypocritical, old fashioned, closeted Superfreak Bill-O said?? And how the hell does NBC and the network’s president play in the mix of this mess and Bill-O turns this into all about him and the network he despises trying to ridicule him??   That doesn’t even make any damn sense to me.

When Amanda Terkel requested for an apology or a reason as to why she wasn’t asked to speak to defend her side there was no contact back from Fox or O’reilly’s camp.

Terkel was on Olbermann’s show to address the matter.


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