Random WTH Thought from Wendy Williams show

I love listening to Wendy Williams in the afternoon.  It is the crazy in my semi sane world and normal work day.  The story I am going to describe is no BS and is seriously for real for real!!!

 Why did she have on some 25 yr old married woman who apparently got hit on from her stepfather and been caring on some affair with him for over a year under her mother’s nose?  At the same time she also was caring on some kind of relationship with a man she found out was HER BIOLOGICAL DADDY and he told her that she reminded him of her mom from back in the day.  Why this woman sadly with all of this emotional & mental issues was actually married to someone is beyond my understanding!!!  Oh and on top of all that HOT ASS MESS she is knocked up too and the baby may either be her stepdad’s or her bio dad’s!!  Also come to find out this young lady’s life started out a horrible mess being molested as a little girl.  The kicker is that woman stated to Wendy she was fine with calling her mother to tell her the story when asked by Wendy if she wanted to do that.  When the girl did like a Gap Band song and dropped the bomb on her momma all hell broke loose at her momma’s house.  The stepfather was yelling & cussing in the backmhe step father decided to go crazy and do something horribleground it wasn’t true, calling that girl a liar and the momma was in disbelief and in shock and anger and upset.  The mother kicked the man out of her house and per Wendy’s suggestion stated for the mom to go over to see her daughter (in case the stepfather does anything violent towards them).

Just like in my comments on Drew Peterson’s latest victim oops fiancé this is sadly another example of a young lady that needed someone to turn to for help very very early on.  To seek some genuine family love & guidance and hugs and kisses of a non sexual nature.  Where the hell her momma was during all this time of her daughter being molested as a young girl is beyond me but she really needed someone to reach to.  Not dissing Wendy because sometimes the callers with issues may not have outlets or a job with EAP benefits when they say some off the hook mess.  They use the show as their form of “therapy”.  That chick really really needed some professional counseling and prayer because she had a lot of mega issues beyond what she was telling the people over the airwaves.  I feel sorry for her and for her mother perhaps not being aware of all the things her daughter was dealing with.  If she was able to have gotten the help she badly needed perhaps she would have been able to fend off the creepy and disgusting advances from her stepfather and not continue relations with her bio dad.

UPDATE– I must have missed this from earlier in the call but her mom was some how messing with this woman’s husband.  She called back to the show on 3/12 and explained to Wendy on strongly looking @ getting an abortion (because she thinks the baby is her dad’s), divorcing her husband and starting fresh.  She has a younger sister that Wendy had spoken to when doing a followup call I believe the next day.  I pray that this young lady can get her younger sister out of there because there is no telling that perv may somehow set his eyes and other body parts on her (per the concerns of the big sis).   Her mom sadly doesn’t side with her and still standing by that SOB who was having relationship with her (I don’t understand women/moms like that think like this SMDH :>(  )!!  Wendy’s show did find some counseling services to be able to seek out and pass that information on to her to get some LONG OVER DUE COUNSELING, but hey better late than never!!  I wish this woman would have gotten the help during her teen years so perhaps she wouldn’t have had to marry off early @ 17.  Sadly there may be other stories just like or similiar to  hers out there with such dynamics of family disfunction and that blows my mind!! 

I PRAY FOR THIS WOMAN TO GET MUCH NEEDED HELP and with whatever time is needed is able to heal!!




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