Rihanna & Chris

TMZ somehow did whatever they did (I suspect some shadiness was involved) to have gotten access to a picture of Rihanna’s badly bruised face.

I am saddened that this picture has gotten leaked out and Rihanna’s privacy has been further pushed out the window dealing with this matter. The drama surrounding this matter is still being investigated.
It is sad to see this happen and I do hope this opens the DIALOG for young men and women especially but for all to talk about domestic violence in relationships!!!! There is no excuse for this and frankly this will not only really hurt Chris’s career but his emotional state as well!!!

I say this with all of the sarcasm needed. I doubt seriously TMZ will be one of the outlets to see open the dialog about domestic violence!!
I hope it wasn’t someone @ TMZ on some payola role with the police department to somehow end up with this photo and even further push Rihanna’s privacy out the window. But alas as long as as Harvey Levin got his money shot and brings more notoriety to TMZ I guess that is all that matters!!

As much as I enjoy watching the show from time to time I would have hoped there would have been some kind of line drawn with TMZ
as it relates to this ordeal and opting to NOT show this photo and give this young woman some privacy in this serious matter!!! But I guess not!!

Perhaps turnabout will be fairplay when a photo or video shows up somewhere in which Levin gets his ass whupped!!!!


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